About Our Mental Health Services

building frontAurora Santa Rosa Hospital is a 95-bed mental health treatment center for adolescents and adults. Recovery is important to us and we are committed to a supportive environment and an ongoing plan for long-term improved mental health. We are dedicated to educating the public of the value of identifying and treating behavioral illnesses, addictions and their impact on people's lives.

Treatment services include screening, orientation, assessment, treatment planning, crisis intervention, consultation, education, individual therapy and group counseling. Aurora uses a multi-disciplinary team approach to deliver high quality care. The treatment team is led by a psychiatrist and often includes a licensed therapist, psychiatric nurse, activity/recreational therapist, clinical social worker, and mental health counselors. The treatment team offers not only their clinical expertise and experience, but also their concern and compassion.

Aurora Santa Rosa Hospital also specializes in the treatment of co-occurring diagnosis; a combination of alcoholism/drug use and a behavioral health issue or a mental health disorder.

Core Values

  • Integrity: Demonstrating responsible work ethics establishing quality of care.
  • Compassion: Showing kindness, caring, and a willingness to help others.
  • Collaboration: Working together as a team and within the community to foster a culture of best practice.
  • Learning: Fostering an environment which supports change in behavior or knowledge from experience or training.
  • Responsibility: Doing the right thing with duty, honor, and accountability.

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