Men’s Mental Health Month: Topics & Treatments

July 8, 2020 Posted in: News Release

Men’s mental health does not receive as much attention as it deserves. While men and women both suffer from... Continue reading →

Building Resilience in the Mental Health Care System

June 12, 2020 Posted in: News Release

Managing Systemic Stress through Building Resilience

Authored by... Continue reading →

Messages from the Herd

January 22, 2020 Posted in: Press Release

Linda Aldrich, EAAT Director/Founder

The Pony Express Equine Assisted Skills for Youth

... Continue reading →

Suicide Prevention: How to Create a Safe Community for those in Distress

September 27, 2019 Posted in: Announcement

Create a Safe Community for those in Distress

Written By:
Kara M. Connors, MPH
Community Outreach and Education... Continue reading →

Choosing the right mental health provider

April 4, 2019 Posted in: Announcement

This article is reprinted from Harvard Health Blog
Originally published March 23, 2018... Continue reading →

Adjusting to Feelings During Pregnancy and After Childbirth

March 15, 2019 Posted in: Announcement

By Allison Murphy, MFT – Mothers Care

Expecting a baby is a time that brings many feelings... Continue reading →

Dialogue with the Inner Critic

January 28, 2019 Posted in: Press Release

When we hear too many negative messages about ourselves, from too young an age, for too long of a time, we’re vulnerable to internalizing those voices,... Continue reading →

LGBTQ and Mental Health

January 4, 2019 Posted in: Announcement

We all experience emotional ups and downs caused by events in our lives. Mental health conditions, however, go beyond common... Continue reading →

Recovering from the Santa Rosa Wildfires: How Do I Know if I Have PTSD?

March 23, 2018 Posted in: Announcement

Santa Rosa Wildfires and PTSD

When people think of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), they often imagine soldiers returning from... Continue reading →

International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

November 16, 2017 Posted in: Announcement

Suicide AwarenessNovember 18th is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

Around the world and in local communities there will... Continue reading →