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Building Resilience

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21 12:30 - 2:00 PM

$10 at the door for lunch and training

Aurora Santa Rosa Hospital
1287 Fulton Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

With Therapist and Author, Linda Graham, MFT

Linda Graham, MFT Linda is an experienced psychotherapist and mindful self-compassion teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. Linda is the author of the award-winning, Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being, and a new book, Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster. Linda integrates modern neuroscience, mindfulness, and relational psychology in her national and international trainings.

About the Workshop…Resilience: Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster

People do learn and grow from meeting the challenges and adversities of the human condition when they have support, resources and skills to do so.

This workshop offers practical tools informed by modern neuroscience to strengthen our somatic, emotional, relational, and reflective intelligences to deal with any disruption to coping, across the spectrum from barely a wobble, to genuine upset, to being dumped completely out of our boats.

Participants will be taught practices in breath, touch, movement, cultivating positive emotions and mindful self-compassion, self-awareness and self-acceptance, and mindful reflection that can shift the functioning of the brain out of contraction and reactivity into more receptivity and openness, more resilience. Through this process, we can reduce the impacts of stress and trauma, recover inner stability, create healthy resonant relationships, discern wise choices, deepen a sense of meaning and purpose, and move into thriving and flourishing.