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About the Program

Your child has been admitted to this unit because there is evidence that he/she is experiencing some emotional or behavioral problem, which is impacting his/her ability to function at home, in school, or in the community. He or she may be engaging in behaviors that are dangerous to him/her, or to others, or he/she may not be able to meet age-appropriate expectations in the home and/or at school.

Children and adolescents experience these problems for a multitude of reasons, usually influenced by a combination of psychological, sociological, and physiological factors. By creating a safe and therapeutic environment for your child, we are providing an opportunity for them to identify their strengths and their needs and receive appropriate help and feedback in those identified areas. Our goal is to stabilize your child, connect them to outpatient services when appropriate, and return them to your care when it is safe for him/her and your family.

During your child’s hospitalization, he/she will be given the opportunity to develop and use alternative and appropriate ways of interacting with peers and persons of authority as well as learning ways and methods of coping with day-to-day life situations. This is accomplished through maintaining a consistent daily schedule, which includes community group, psycho-education groups, activity therapy, and school. Group content may include, but is not limited to, appropriate boundaries, healthy relationships, emotion identification, and behaviors. The role of staff is to facilitate your child’s treatment by assuring safety, leading groups and family sessions, providing structure, setting appropriate limits, and teaching self-control, while enhancing your child’s sense of well-being.

Before being admitted to the unit, the Intake Clinician who completed your child’s assessment consulted with the psychiatrist who will be taking care of your son/daughter during their stay. That psychiatrist will complete a psychiatric evaluation within 24 hours of his/her admission and determine whether or not medication would be helpful in treating your child’s condition. We are not able to give your child medication without your approval, except in case of an emergency. If the psychiatrist recommends medication treatment, you will be asked to give verbal consent and/or sign medication consent forms. We have 24 hour nursing care in our facility; there is not a physician on the premises of the hospital at all hours of the day but physicians are available at all times to communicate with nurses about patient care. Your child’s assigned Social Worker will meet with your child regularly and be communicating with you frequently, providing you with updates about your child’s care and discussing treatment planning. Your perspectives and opinions about your child and his/her behavior are critical in helping us to treat your child and we value your insight in this process.

Please communicate your concerns and questions with us so we can best serve your family. Your child will also have regular times with our nursing staff and Activity Therapists to ensure comprehensive care. We recognize that all children have different strengths and challenges and we strive to facilitate a program that reaches each child’s individual needs and allow him/her to utilize their skills.

This program is designed to provide opportunities for you to be included in the treatment process. We consider parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) and community representatives to be integral parts of the treatment team. We not only value your participation, but we expect it. This is best accomplished by consistent participation in family sessions and visiting and phoning your child during hospital identified hours. Your participation is wanted and encouraged!