Patient Treatment & Safety

Patient Treatment and Safety Resources

Aurora Santa Rosa Hospital believes all patients and their families should have all necessary information about the care you receive. We want to insure everyone is informed and educated about what steps to take if there is any question or concern about safety and treatment.

When an individual has a concern about the care, treatment or safety while in our facility, we strongly encourage the individual to do any of the following:

  • Notify the Charge Nurse or a Social Worker / Care Manager.
  • Speak with the attending physician.
  • You may also complete a “Care Connection Form”, which is accessible on each unit for anyone.

You may leave a message for the Director of Performance Improvement 707-800-7736, who will return your call within 24 hours or on Monday if the call is made over the weekend.

We consider feedback from patients and family members a valuable source of information that allows our organization to achieve a high quality of care and maintain it in a consistent manner.

Resources to express concerns about treatment, safety, and quality care: